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Is your sales team on the road, visiting clients? Doing presentations? Mobile Sales might be what you need.

Resco Cloud covers all the standard needs of this type of business and most non-standard, too! Whether you need, appointment planning, manage multiple calendars, integrate your Exchange or Google; everything intertwined with your CRM data. Accounts and contacts neatly organized on a map with the ability to plan a route, lead qualifications and opportunity generation. Even in offline mode, work effortlessly with all the data stored on your device, and sync whenever you need to.

Create profitable relationships

Earn your customers’ loyalty by using intelligent automation services to deliver accurate estimates that meet expectations.

Enable productive employees 

Work efficiently through automation technology, collaboration tools, training, and a complete view into client relationships.

Innovate to grow

Get the real-time insights you need to prepare for change. Set clear, company-wide business priorities, make decisions fast, and grow profitably.

Your business can operate in various environments

Whether you’re at the office, using your desktop, or in the field – using your mobile devices. Resco Cloud offers this flexibility in all processes for desktop & mobile devices.

Tired of carrying papers, pens & manuals to that work site? Planning service activities not effective?

Today’s field service is impossible without mobility. Access customer’s service data and request service appointments directly within the mobile app. Incorporate all metering devices & other gadgets in the terrain thanks to IoT. Inspect, snap a few photos for proof, sign, and send. And no field service process is complete without a dispatcher console, to effectively manage your resources.

Are you a restaurant owner? In Real Estate? Public Service? Want to create your own app?

People outside of the internal structure of a company, such as, customers, subcontractors, volunteers, partners, fans, or even the general public can be a part of your business and work with you or even for you. You as a business owner can provide your external users a platform to work on, use, view, and benefit from.

Is your data safe in the cloud & offline on your devices?

Device Security Management (DSM) is not a common part of CRM solutions for mobile workers – most are externally based. Thereby, limiting the processes that can be monitored and controlled by users, and data can be compromised. Resco Cloud offers internal DSM, securing data, users & their processes.

Is your team utilizing your solution effectively? Want to increase employee productivity?

Analyze whether or not Resco Cloud Solutions are being utilized, how often, by whom, how exactly, and where. Spot symptoms of inefficiencies and begin to optimize your operations.

Do you need to route your team? Plan your trips to those meetings?

Tired of using external GPS? Imagine having your day planned, all within your mobile app. Make appointments, visits, and even calls – on the road. A productivity booster like none other, with automatic route change notifications, multiple route plans, visualization of completed routes, and on top of all that – offline maps, with directions always available at your fingertips.

True mobility with your CRM – Offline with no boundaries

Being offline can provide some security instances of weakness. With Resco Cloud, your data is completely secure – no matter online or offline. The possibility to work offline with your data goes far beyond being able to scroll through the 15 most recently viewed contacts. Enjoy a secure and fully-offline CRM that has no bounds. Grab your smartphone or tablet to the next meeting, take notes, create invoices, pull up a contract, and sign – all on the same spot.

Configure to your needs and deploy everywhere!

Why settle for out-of-the-box functionality, when you can have so much more?
With our configuration tool, Woodford, you can tailor the app to fit precisely your needs. Add custom entities and fields, design views and forms, customize dashboards, change the business logic, use your logo and corporate colors, or even alter the entire user interface. You’ll need to make the changes only once to instantly deploy on all types of mobile devices – whether running iOS, Android, or Windows.
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